GLT 2013 Christmas Panto Fireplace

This monster was one of the first set pieces I helped create for the Guelph Little 2013 Theatre Christmas Pantomime, Little Red Riding Hood was the theme I think. Something big and bold was needed to match the classic over-the-top audience participation model that is so loved by many on these occasions. As we painted the construction required greater height so add-ons were necessary, yet my strategy to use large cut sponges to make the 3D fieldstone dramatic enough helped efficiency. Having been trained in the mercantile world of restaurant design where you’re expected to get in and out (overnight!) in record time, my speed was appreciated by others on the team. One neat trick we used for the ‘thatch’… two large pans of contrasting paint and literally two brooms dipped into them and swept across the back colour. Worked like a charm on both items needing the treatment and took only about 20 minutes! “Oh no it didn’t!” “Oh yes it did!”